Olysal is an innovative product development company located
in Detroit, MI. With many years of professional experience, we
develop monitoring and control devices for many markets, including farming,
hydroponics and commercial refrigeration. Our recently developed
computerized controllers and sensors are using cutting edge digital technology to help
our clients improve equipment monitoring and save energy.
The defrost 330 series can be configured and installed for different applications:
  • Light control - measures the LED light intensity and compensates for light intensity degradation
  • Anti-sweat heater control - saves energy by modulating ACH cirquit in refrigerated display cases
  • Hydroponic - controls peristaltic pump for nutrition control
The main features of the deFrost 330 controller in Anti-sweat application
DSP Algorithms to determine how and when to power on the frame heater
Automatically adjusted PWM output to the frame heater
Self-test and error indications - defrost 330
detects problems (sensors/relay connection) displays
errors on external indicator and alerts monitoring web site (with WiFi option)
Wi-Fi option to exchange information with web application for
remote monitoring
Easy installation process
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